Render Cleaning Norwich, Norfolk

Render cleaning services are commonly needed from time to time to avoid unsightly degradation and grime build up. This often helps save on costly repairs and repainting. 

Rendering is used as a protective and decorative finish which can be supplied in a chosen colour or subsequently painted after being fitted.

Large commercial buildings use render to cover up surfaces left after construction. These panels are subject to all forms of atmospheric pollution as well as microbial growths. Look at any city centre commercial building with render and the original colour will slowly change with streaks of green, brown and sometimes a rusty red. This is algae growing on the surface using the paint as a food source driven by moisture.

Render on residential properties is also a degrading process causing unsightly patches of black. It reduces the value and over time can cause the paint to degrade and flake.commonly


This old house in a village in Norfolk shows the staining that occurs from a north facing property. The staining is from algae, long term it will degrade the masonry paint applied. The most cost effective process would be a chemical wash with a biocide.

Soft wash render cleaning gives tremendous savings over painting

New buildings look superb and impressive, overtime render surfaces become tired and dull, pollutants, moss and algae slowly take over, and this leaves the building looking worse for wear, stained with algae and even visible growths of moss. We specialise in professional cleaning of outdoor areas, using the latest equipment and chemicals to remove dirt and detritus without causing damage to surfaces.

Results can be stunning picture shows a house in Watton Norfolk that was definitely dull, and stained with algal growth. The owners were trying to sell the house and even after many viewings the house remained unsold.

They had prices for a repaint and couldn’t afford the thousands requested and the time frame, up to 2 weeks to finish. They asked me to price a Softwash render clean and how long it would take, I finished the three sides of the house as it was a semi-detached in 4 hours, cleared up and gone. The results can be seen in the photograph attached, they couldn’t stop talking about it and neither could their neighbours.


  • Low downtime building back in operation after a minimal time.
  • No scaffolding costs and erection/dismantling time.
  • Cost savings a tremendous. To paint would involve – scaffolding, preparation of the surface, and painting by professional painters. Soft washing requires a light rinse and chemical treatment with final rinse.

The Solution

Render manufacturers tell building owners not to pressure wash the surface as it damages the render surface. Painting costs a lot, think of the scaffolding, preparation and painting.

The alternative is the Low Pressure Soft Wash. Soft washing is a chemical clean. We use a 1-3% solution of sodium hypochlorite with the addition of boosting agent. Using an electric pump we jet the product and thoroughly wet the wall allow a dwell time for the chemicals to work and rinse off using the electric pump with fresh water.