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Patio Cleaning Service

If you have that neglected crazy paved area, concrete slabs or a lovely Indian sandstone installation, they all need regular, maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. The ravages of air pollution, weather all take their toll, transforming a beautiful installation to be proud of into an eyesore with weeds, moss, algae and lichens.

Indian sandstone has taken the landscaping industry by storm due to a multitude of attractive finishes and competitive pricing. Unfortunately our climate is not conducive for long term appearance due to the porosity of the sandstone, it soon attracts algal growth, lichens (black spot) and dirt. Within a short space of time its appearance degrades. It is crying out for a protective coating after installation or within a time frame that does not allow algae and lichens a time to take hold.


We can carry out a professional clean and seal to any surface to protect and enhance your valuable asset with the minimum disruption to achieve exemplary results.

This can be achieved on any external hard surface patio, BBQ areas, swimming pool surrounds.

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Black spot and algae are removed using a highly concentrated biocidal / cleaning chemical that literally dissolves the appearance within one hour. Black spot is caused by spores blown in the wind landing on your patio sufficient moisture in the surface and germinating, roots forcing their way into the surface to absorb minerals eventually taking the strength out of your beautiful patio. Cracks and palling which allows more moisture ingress during the winter months with frosts and ice cracking from ice expansion.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your patio please inquire about this service.


Pressure Washing Decks & Patio Cleaning Norwich

Decking has become very popular over the last 15 years, many home owners as well as commercial enterprises ranging from pubs, clubs, garden centres have had wood decking installed to create a visually enticing area to relax. Wood decking is as popular as Indian or Spanish sandstone.

Wood decking is supplied in soft and hard wood. The autumnal and winter months with the cold humid days promote the growth of algae and mosses; this makes the surface unsightly, dirty and especially slippery under foot. Home owners have hurt themselves when slipping and falling on wood decking that has been left and nature has taken a hold. It is hardwearing but needs attention to ensure it is something to make you proud and happy.

Let us professionally clean and treat your decking using advanced rotary cleaning which alleviates the banding and striping that can occur through overzealous or careless use of a “lance” only clean.

We can finish off the job by applying a premium quality decking oil to nourish and protect the decking through the seasons.

If an oil finish is not required we can apply a premium sealer that protects but enhances the appearance of the wood throughout the seasons.

Whether home owner or commercial we can work with the minimum of disruption to your property or business with full public liability insurance for extra peace of mind.

Pressure washing is an excellent process when used on hard roof tiles for example concrete. The operator is highly trained and uses the jet at the correct distance to remove debris and growths; it is the quickest process to achieve fantastic results, the roof is washed clean and to further enhance the roof it is treated with a biocide to kill off all remaining spores and roots.

We use highly trained roofers who are fully trained in pressure washing, utilising roof ladders, tower scaffolds and access platforms.